5 Moth Fact You Need To Know

We have to know about Moths in order to remove them from our house. We have to know their weaknesses and strengths to prevent them from entering our house. By knowing about moths we can enhance our knowledge and also we can advise other people. Moths have a greater impact on our life. They can cause many problems to us so there is a need to know about them. We have to save our house and save us from moths and this could be done by knowing the facts of Moths. There are many facts about moths but we should focus on the weaknesses and strengths of moths. Moth control is very important if you want to save you & your family from many health issues.

Here Are 5 Moths Facts We Need To Know -: 

  1. Moths Are Dangerous

Moths cause skin irritation to us by stinging. There is a poison in their sting. They also cause harm to our house by making holes and cracks in the walls. This also causes holes in our clothes by eating them.

  1. Most Moths Are Nocturnal But Some Fly In Day

Mostly moths fly at night but there are some species which can fly in day also. There are also some species which can fly both in day and night. These fly in a day to get the nectar. There are many diurnal moths which includes tiger moths, lichen moths etc.

  1. They Like Rainy Season

Moths like the rainy season because it is their reproducing time. They lay eggs in this season. Their population also becomes more than before in this season. This season is like that because they need moisture in temperature to survive which is done by rain. They also like this because they have cold blood.

  1. Moths Are Cold Blooded

Cold blooded insects mean that they can’t survive in winter and are too hot. They only get out from their holes in the hot rainy season because due to this season their blood will not freeze and this will prevent them from dying. In the winter season moths can’t bear the cold as their blood get freezed due to which they die.

  1. Male Moths Have More Power To Smell

Precisely moths don’t have noses to smell but this doesn’t mean that they can’t smell. They smell by their receptors which give them sensation. This process is called chemoreception. This power gives them a sense of smell from miles away. Male moths can smell sexual attracments of females moths from miles and reach to them for mating. Male moths provide food to their family. They are also responsible for proper nourishment of their eggs. Male moths smell the food and get into the kitchen where he spoils the food by crawling in it. They will be happy to assist you in solving your pest problems.


Moths are filled with dirt and dust. There are harmful measures if we don’t know about them. In order to treat it, we should have some knowledge about moths. If we want to take any advice about something then we should have some information about that thing. If you want to remove these moths from your home then you can hire the best local pest control company. For their removal contact pest control service.

How To Remove Bee And Wasp By Using Eco-Friendly Methods?

The Bee and wasp issue is increasing very fast these days. These both are a threat for home and office places. So, here bees and wasp removal service is essential. Call bees and wasp removal professionals so that they can assist you with bees and wasp removal specialists. Moreover, if you do not pay proper attention to this problem then it will be dangerous for people living in the house and property can also be damaged. This is the reason; various bee and wasp removal companies are offering eco-friendly bee and wasp removal services for homes and official places. Here are some types of eco-friendly bee and wasp removal methods.

How to remove Bee and Wasp by using Eco-friendly methods?


Smoking is one of the professional ways to eradicate bees and wasps instantly. It is one of the traditional methods where the beekeeper constructs the smoke under the hive. This is the expert way of forcing the bees to come out. This way bees and wasps leave the place straight away. This smoking technique is one of the techniques suggested by various pest control company

2.Peppermint And garlic

If you see bees and wasps near your home, local area or local garden, you can use peppermint to get rid from these risky insects, because these bees and wasps abominate the smell of peppermint and garlic. It is better to use peppermint and garlic spray on these threatening bees. This will frustrate bees, forcing them to leave the place right away. This is the natural bee and wasp removal treatment which you can spray on the daily. You can even crush the garlic and put it together with water and spray them on the terrible bees and wasps. Before doing this bees and wasps removal method you need to make sure that you must wear defensive clothing and gloves and head mask to avoid getting stings from them.


Vinegar is always useful for most of the home and cleaning. This is not just a normal product it has numerous benefits. It is useful for multifarious things, but most of the people don’t know they can use vinegar for bees and wasps removal treatment also. So vinegar spray is a great natural method to get the bees out of your home. It is totally safe and it’s also environmentally friendly, since it does not include any chemicals.

You can mix the same amount of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and then spray in where it’s needed. Also you can use this mixture twice a day in the morning and night for better results. 

Call A Professional

If you are facing difficulty in removing these vicious pests and want to remove them with the help of bees and wasp removal professionals, then you should call an eco-friendly pest removal company immediately. They have expert methods to remove them from your space safely. If you are searching for eco-friendly bees removal specialists then call us.

How To Identify & Get Rid Of Bees

Bees are good insects, there is no doubt about it. But, their hive stings a lot and that’s what their infestation irritates or annoys. So, we have brought some ways to do bee removal.

bee removal
bee removal
  1. Use a bee spray: You can use bee spray for bee removal as it effectively targets their nervous system. It causes them paralysis or they die. The bee spray contains lots of chemicals that are very harmful or toxic for pests or insects and even cause harmful side effects on human beings or pets. We recommend you to use PT Wasp Freeze II. It is a very good spray for bee removal and it kills just by coming in contact with them. The spray comes out like a shower, not like a stream which allows it to spread all over the area and once the spray comes in contact with bees, they get paralyzed and die. You should apply this spray at night while bees will be sleeping inside the hive. And, while doing it do wear gloves or cover your body with clothing because while spraying they can attack you. Do make sure that you don’t inhale the spray as it can cause you side effects too. Precaution is better than cure, keep in mind.
  2. Use a speck of powder dust: Another way of bee removal is using powder dust. It is one of the most effective ways of bee removal and it works very similar to bees spraying or causing paralysis, and death to bees. Many professional pest control recommends using Bayer Tempo Dust which is an effective insecticidal powder present on the market for bee removal. For depositing the powder properly, you need to place the bulb in the bee’s hive and then squeeze it. It will be good if you do it during the night. And, be patient as it takes some hours to work effectively but, it will definitely work.
  3. Install an electric bug zapper: If you want to do bee removal in your home without using any toxic spray or chemical, then, you can rely on an electric bug zapper. The electric bug zapper emits a kind of ultraviolet rays that attracts pests a lot. And when the pests come near to it or touch it they get killed and drop on the ground which is easily cleanable. Many experts use PestNot Bug Zapper which not only does bee removal but also kills other pests and delivers around 2000 volts of electricity which is too much for bees or other pests to handle. And, don’t worry, it is very cost-efficient and waterproof. So during the rainy season you don’t have to worry and installing it will be a good option. As it looks very similar to the lamp, insects or pests get it wrong and attract.


So, these are some of the best and simple ways of pest removal. Do follow the above effective tips and make your home bee free. Book Online Now or Request a Free Quote.

Most Common Problems Because Of Pest ant Home in Sorrento

When you have insects in your home, it can seem like a never-ending effort to keep their numbers under control. It’s tempting to guess what will happen if you stop fighting them. On the other hand, allowing pests to enter your home puts you at risk of various damages, from your health to your property.

Here are the negative impacts of pest problems in Sorrento

● Disease

The disease is spread by fleas, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats, and many other insects and rodents. Lyme disease, strep throat, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, salmonella, malaria, dengue fever, and other diseases can all be spread by insects. Mosquitoes, in particular, can transmit diseases such as West Nile and Zika virus. Rodents and bats can carry the plague, hantavirus, and many other deadly diseases. 

Rats and large mammals can carry rabies. These pests can carry diseases and transmit these diseases to their favourite animal companions inside and outside the home. When someone moves the flea-infested desert sand near a family home, it develops an acute strep infection. The sand was to be used to fill the sandbox. 

Fleas are brought into the house from the sandbox by the domestic cat and bites family members. Pest problems in Sorrento represent a danger to people in more ways than one. Many rodents and insects can cause allergies, and some of them contain venom that can harm, if not kill, humans.

● Allergies

Allergies are another problem because of pests in Sorrento. Allergens can be carried into the home by insects. Their feces can cause allergies, and the droppings of their skin can pollute the air inside your home. 

Dander and droppings from dust mites are among the most frequent indoor allergies. On the other hand, other insects can cause allergies. 

Black spiders and brown recluse spiders are two deadly spiders whose bites can cause serious health problems or even death if not treated promptly. For example, wasps, hornets, and bees can sting humans, causing severe and sometimes fatal allergic reactions and problems.

● Furniture damage

Insects can also wreak havoc on the structure of your home. If you do not treat any wooden structures in your home for insects and they take over, you will be able to pay a lot of money for speedy repairs. Mice and other rodents often chew electrical lines, resulting in a short circuit that can lead to a home fire. 

Keep in mind the extent of the devastation and damage insects can do to your life. Termites are another big issue regarding structural damage, mainly because they prefer humid settings, which Sorrento has a lot. They feed on cellulose (a substance present in wood) and can be a severe problem in homes primarily made of wood. 

Termite damage costs about $5 billion each year in Australia. Termites are believed to infest 600,000 homes in Australia, costing an average of $3,300 to repair termite damage. Consider how much damage they can cause and how much it would cost to restore them if they were to be fully installed in your home. If you’re having trouble keeping pests out of your home, contact the experts for professional Pest Management. They will be happy to assist you in solving your pest problems in Sorrento.

● Smells and sounds

Every home has its own set of smells and sounds, but our senses sometimes catch on to something that doesn’t seem to be there. It could be a symptom of a hidden bug problem that a pest control Sorrento company can more easily solve.

Larger pests, especially rats, are usually the ones you can hear. Humans can hear a crackling sound behind walls, attics, or crawl spaces. We can hear the sounds of scratching and scratching.

Termites can also produce audible noises. If you’re not sure what type of insects you’re hearing, a professional pest control firm can help you figure out what’s causing the noise. Insects also give off a variety of unpleasant odours, such as the greasy smell of cockroaches. Mice can leave behind the smell of ammonia. If you detect a musty, slightly sweet smell, it could be a symptom of bedbugs.

Sometimes people detect human feces. Because the droppings of some insects, especially rodents, can be dangerous when inhaled, it is essential to address the pest problems in Sorrento as soon as you spot them. You can also detect the smell of rotten food that pests have collected from your home. Mould can grow as a result of decaying food particles. Another odour that may be present is that of dead insects. When rodents die, they emit a particularly pungent odour. 


If pests are in your home, many problems will be there besides some discussed above. So, you must take steps to keep your house and property free of pests. You can do it yourself or you can take the help of pest control experts.