5 Moth Fact You Need To Know

We have to know about Moths in order to remove them from our house. We have to know their weaknesses and strengths to prevent them from entering our house. By knowing about moths we can enhance our knowledge and also we can advise other people. Moths have a greater impact on our life. They can cause many problems to us so there is a need to know about them. We have to save our house and save us from moths and this could be done by knowing the facts of Moths. There are many facts about moths but we should focus on the weaknesses and strengths of moths. Moth control is very important if you want to save you & your family from many health issues.

Here Are 5 Moths Facts We Need To Know -: 

  1. Moths Are Dangerous

Moths cause skin irritation to us by stinging. There is a poison in their sting. They also cause harm to our house by making holes and cracks in the walls. This also causes holes in our clothes by eating them.

  1. Most Moths Are Nocturnal But Some Fly In Day

Mostly moths fly at night but there are some species which can fly in day also. There are also some species which can fly both in day and night. These fly in a day to get the nectar. There are many diurnal moths which includes tiger moths, lichen moths etc.

  1. They Like Rainy Season

Moths like the rainy season because it is their reproducing time. They lay eggs in this season. Their population also becomes more than before in this season. This season is like that because they need moisture in temperature to survive which is done by rain. They also like this because they have cold blood.

  1. Moths Are Cold Blooded

Cold blooded insects mean that they can’t survive in winter and are too hot. They only get out from their holes in the hot rainy season because due to this season their blood will not freeze and this will prevent them from dying. In the winter season moths can’t bear the cold as their blood get freezed due to which they die.

  1. Male Moths Have More Power To Smell

Precisely moths don’t have noses to smell but this doesn’t mean that they can’t smell. They smell by their receptors which give them sensation. This process is called chemoreception. This power gives them a sense of smell from miles away. Male moths can smell sexual attracments of females moths from miles and reach to them for mating. Male moths provide food to their family. They are also responsible for proper nourishment of their eggs. Male moths smell the food and get into the kitchen where he spoils the food by crawling in it. They will be happy to assist you in solving your pest problems.


Moths are filled with dirt and dust. There are harmful measures if we don’t know about them. In order to treat it, we should have some knowledge about moths. If we want to take any advice about something then we should have some information about that thing. If you want to remove these moths from your home then you can hire the best local pest control company. For their removal contact pest control service.